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Starting from £21,550


DS 3 CROSSBACK is the luxury compact SUV, combining refinement and advanced technology. With its striking design, DS 3 CROSSBACK stands out as modern, sophisticated and elegant.

DS 3 CROSSBACK Technology

Flush Fitting Door Handles

You’ll be amazed by the deploying FLUSH FITTING DOOR HANDLES that only appear when you need them. The rest of the time they’re concealed, fitting neatly into the bodywork to enhance the sophisticated silhouette of your DS 3 CROSSBACK.
Flush Fitting Door Handles

Enchanting Light Signature

Enjoy the pleasure of driving, while the intelligence of DS MATRIX LED VISION lights the way. DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights are the latest generation of smart lighting technology from DS Automobiles. As well as their aesthetic appeal, DS MATRIX LED VISION automatically adjust to the road ahead; when the road is clear, the full beam will be activated, dimming automatically when another car approaches. The DS MATRIX LED VISION projectors are made up of three LED modules for dipped beam as well as a MATRIX BEAM module for driving. This is composed of 15 identical but independent lighting elements that illuminate and dim progressively depending on road conditions.
Enchanting Light Signature

DS Access

Share access to your car with the MyDS app The way we use our cars is evolving, and more of us want to share our car with others. That's why DS 3 CROSSBACK features DS SMART ACCESS, which allows you to grant access to your car via the MyDS app.
DS Access

DS Park Pilot

Thanks to DS PARK PILOT, your car will park itself without any input from you on the steering wheel or pedals. DS 3 CROSSBACK can identify a suitable parking space by driving past. To park, simply keep the button pressed and wait for DS 3 CROSSBACK to do the rest. It then carries out the manoeuvre either parallel to the kerb or in an angled parking bay.

DS Drive Assist

DS DRIVE ASSIST is a step closer to autonomous driving, making long journeys easier by combining several different driving aids. Active Cruise Control maintains your speed, as well as a safe distance to the car in front, while also positioning DS 3 CROSSBACK in the centre of its lane. When the traffic slows, this technology can even bring the car to a complete stop and set off again as the traffic moves. By bringing all of these technologies together, DS DRIVE ASSIST takes the stress out of motorway driving.

Extended Traffic Sign Recognition

Make driving easier with EXTENDED TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION technology. This system reads permanent and temporary speed limit signs then reproduces them in your display, immediately alerting you if you exceed the limit. You can also change the setting of the cruise control/speed limiter to adapt your speed to the prescribed limit.
Extended Traffic Sign Recognition

Extended Emergency Braking System

The EXTENDED EMERGENCY BRAKING SYSTEM is an automatic safety feature, designed to make driving safer for you and those around you. Using sensors and a camera in the windscreen, this system anticipates a collision with cars or objects* in front of you, whether it's day or night. The system starts with a visual and audible warning, before applying the brakes automatically if you're not able to react in time.
Extended Emergency Braking System

DS Matrix LED Vision

With the latest generation DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, DS 3 CROSSBACK adjusts lighting automatically, switching from full beam to dipped headlights automatically without ever dazzling other drivers. This intelligent lighting technology recognises road and traffic conditions using a camera mounted in the windscreen, and adapts automatically.




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    DS 3 CROSSBACK PureTech 100 Manual Performance Line
    From NIL Advance Payment
  • PureTech 130 Automatic Performance Line Offer
    DS 3 CROSSBACK PureTech 130 Automatic Performance Line
    From £249 Advance Payment