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 Outlander Diesel

Starting from £28,469 OTR

Spacious, well-made and versatile; capable, comfortable and consistent; durable and honest; the Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel is the great all-rounder in its class. Never shouting, never showy, this is a car for people who need their car to do a job, not just to make a statement. It is a modern SUV, designed for modern-thinking folk, so it also does its job with respect. It is an SUV which can seat up to seven people (all in properly padded seats with plenty of leg-room) or swallow a couple of mountain bikes whole, yet it won’t take over your garage or dominate your drive since its footprint is smaller than that of most family estates. It is comfortable and capable, and it provides all the high-vantage, big car protection you could ask for, yet it does so in such a way as to minimise injury to pedestrians or damage to vehicles lighter than itself. It offers loads of cutting-edge technologies which make driving safer and easier, and a whole host of luxuries which make it far more pleasurable. And its styling is refined: mature and tasteful, with just enough attitude to give it presence. In all, it’s the crossover car you can rely on to do exactly what you want, when you want, day after day after day

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